Welcome to the Isolation tank

Where our mission is to combat boredom and feelings of isolation.

I plan to record and share readings of short stories. I will also include links to where free short stories can be found, a comment board to help a sense of community, and links to good news stories. If you'd like to see anything else here please tell me on the comments board. <UPDATE MAR 19> - I recorded a video yesterday but the size of the file is causing technical issues for sharing. I will upload it today or record as an audio only file.

Links to free short stories 
Feeling Creative?
The folks at Red Cape Publishing are offering anthologies for free -
"We don't usually do freebies but these are unusual times. For today only you can grab ALL four Elements of Horror anthologies for FREE!
Includes stories from P.J. Blakey-Novis - Storyteller Daren Callow Dale Parnell Nils Nisse Visser Donovan Smith Theresa Jacobs Richard Rumple David Gray Peter Germany Scott Donnelly Daniel G Carmilla Voiez Andrew Bell and many more"
Good News
More Free stuff