Consumed by Love, by P.K. Tyler, a review

Consumed by Love is a short story (46 pages) by P. K. Tyler.

It looks at how a loving couple deal with the husband's transition after the loss of his father. We don't know what the husband is transitioning into exactly, but from telephone calls with his sister it appears to be something dangerous that only his family can help him with.

Although terrified for her husband, Bree refuses to disregard his wishes and decides to tend to him alone. His appearance, energy levels and intellect appear to be failing and the doctors do not know what is wrong.

The answer is supernatural and the choices Bree makes to save her husband are extreme but intensely passionate. It is a love story, a fine piece of erotica and a very dark horror all wrapped into one powerful short story. Tyler knows how to write weird and shocking stories and Consumed by Love is a fine example of this.

Definitely worth checking out. 4/5 stars.

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