• carmillavoiez

Why I won't condemn Jordan Silver's rape fantasy

I defend a woman's right to write about taboo subjects. Sadly, we live in a very warped society where one woman's fantasy can be grabbed as proof that "it's what all women secretly desire".

Women aren't homogeneous, but because there are bullies who love to shrink the human complexities of the female of the species to something they can use as a weapon, we find ourselves rushing to silence anything that might give them more ammunition.

The narrow minded and wilfully blind who cannot see the difference between fantasy (where everything is controlled) and reality which is out of control and terrifying, are the reasons we end up trying to suppress all expression that counters the agreed narrative.

I won't jump on the bandwagon condemning Jordan Silver. I think she, and other writers, should be able to write what she wants and what others choose to read in the safety of their own heads. I agree that a trigger warning was necessary for people who really can't read the subject safely due to PTSD. But that any subject is completely untouchable, no, I cannot agree with that.

#Misogyny #Feminism #Erotica