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The Willow Tree, by Bekki Pate - a review

It’s a fascinating book, although I suspect I know barely a fraction of what the story is about at the end of part one of the trilogy. What is strange though is the style in which it was written. Six characters all presented in the first person. I’m amazed I understood and followed it as well as I did.

Why? Why would a book with six characters be written from each perspective in the first person? Well on the up side it makes each chapter incredibly tense and intense. The reader is thrown into the thick of it in each scene and the thoughts and pain of the narrators are immediate. On the down side, particularly in the early chapters, it’s hard to keep track of who is narrating.

A summary of the plot, which includes spoilers, Jenny who for a while calls herself Aria, is being hunted by a powerful force from the 1800s called Freya. Jenny has special powers which Freya believes belong to her. Nick is Jenny’s boyfriend who also has special powers. They worked together with Jenny’s mother in a hospital which helped others with special powers learn how to use them. The hospital was destroyed during a battle in which creatures, Freya made, try to take Jenny to their mistress. Freya has a mentor, a shadowy and unnamed man who helps her develop her powers and eat people. This mentor may or may not be the biological father of Jenny. As I said, I’m not sure I understand much of what is happening at the end of the book.

Some of the characters feel as though they might become more important in the later books in the trilogy. If they don’t I might be a little put out, fair warning to the author.

The inner back cover intrigued me Britain’s Next Bestseller, but sadly when I visited the wesbite address it was no longer owned. I did find it with a web search under They seem to crowdfund indie books and they have nineteen so far in their catalogue in various genres. Maybe I’ll look into them some more next year. They are doing something right, certainly. The book was well edited, especially for indie, and I only spotted a couple of errors in the text, the cover too was professionally done.

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