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Kindra Sowder interview. Women in Horror Month

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Another Beautiful Nightmare is a Vamptasy anthology, following on from the success of Beautiful Nightmares. The book is due for release on Feb 1, 2019. I asked some of the authors a few questions about their contribution to the anthology, their thoughts on Women in Horror Month, and their other published work. Today Kindra Sowder comes under the knife.

What story did you write for Another Beautiful Nightmare?

I am the creator of “Miscreant” that is included in this amazing anthology. It is about a Spartan named Kallias, and tells the origin story of my bad guy in the Miss Hyde Novellas. I don’t want to give too much away since I’d love for readers to get to the big reveal before I say too much!

My inspiration for “Miscreant” is actually from a series of novellas that I already have 5 books released in as of today. The series is my Miss Hyde Novellas, an erotic horror/thriller series whose first instalment released in 2015. I wanted to give background on my big bad, who is revealed in the newly released instalment “After Midnight.” I wanted readers to understand where he came from, and how he came to exist. It gave me a lot to explore about the creation of monsters, and I adore it.

Were you also part of Beautiful Nightmares and if so what did you learn for that and how well the collection was received?

I was included in “Beautiful Nightmares” with my story “Into Oblivion” where an MIT Physics students runs into monsters that lie in alternate realities. I felt the anthology was well-received, especially since it was going to charity. And one that I hold very dear. I learned quite a lot about the world and acceptance as well as ways to grow as a writer.

Why is Women in Horror Month important?

Women is Horror Month is so important because, as a woman in the genre myself, women do not get the recognition within the genre that is so male-dominated as they should. It brings us to the forefront, and lets readers know “Here we are!” There are quite a lot more women in the genre than most realize because they are so stuck on the male writers of the genre like King that most women have a hard time finding their voice. This month gives us the voice we so desperately need, as well as the exposure to make sure everyone knows that we are here to stay, and we deserve the same recognition as the man.

Who are your favourite women in Horror?

Of course, I will always say that I adore Anne Rice, who is my absolute favorite woman in horror. There are so many more out there that I’ve delved into, and one that I really enjoy is Rhiannon Frater who is so absolutely amazing. My first exposure to her was “Pretty When She Dies,” and I haven’t been able to put her down ever since.

Apart from the anthology release are you doing anything to celebrate Women in Horror Month?

Aside from this, I have been working on compiling a list of female horror writers to share with my own readers. As far as anything else, I am not certain, but I plan to get involved in even more shenanigans.

Is horror the only genre you write in? If not what other genres do you write?

No, horror is not the only genre I write. I write in what is called speculative fiction, which is a mixture of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy, plus any sub-genres, etc. Pretty much, I write in any genre possible. I am branching out into thrillers as well.

What is your favourite book/story that you’ve written so far?

Right now, to be honest, my favorite story I’ve written is actually “Miscreant” in this coming anthology. It let me explore some new things and gave my bad guy a new voice that hopefully gives my readers more insight.

Who is your favourite character that you created and why?

My favorite character I have created is Mila Hunter from my sci-fi series “The Permutation Archives.” The reason why is rather simple. I put more of myself into her than anything other character I have created, so she is very close to my heart.

What do you do when you aren’t writing?

When I’m not writing, I am running a publishing company named Burning Willow Press. Also, I am watching movies, crime shows, food shows, reading, working as a Bankruptcy Analyst, and studying to obtain my Master’s in English and Creative Writing.

What is the strangest or spookiest experience you’ve had in real life?

I would like to say my entire life is a strange event in itself, but I can say that I have had some paranormal experiences. I actually grew up in a haunted house, so got to experience quite a bit including footsteps in the attack, disembodied voices, as well as disembodied footsteps and flushing toilets. So, I’m not certain which experience in that house was the spookiest, to be honest.

Kindra Sowder's Bibliography

The Permutation Archives: The Harvested, The Pursuit, The Scorned, The Defied, The Clash

The Executioner Trilogy: Follow the Ashes, Follow the Screams, Follow the Bloodshed


The Miss Hyde Novellas: Hello, My Name is.., Pain-Killer, Bid Bad Wolf, Sick Like Me, After Midnight

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Courtesy Call included in “Behind the Mask”

Sparrow included in “The Playlist”

Under Hell’s Watchful Eye

Sweet Dreams & Fresh Bodies

Find them all on Amazon

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and her website is at: www.ksowderauthor.com

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