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40% off books and services

Between September 19th and October 18th, Carmilla Voiez is running a 40% off sale to build her client base.

40% off all editing services - Proofreading & copy-editing | Carmilla Voiez (terms and conditions apply).

And 40% off signed paperbacks while stocks last - BUY BOOKS | carmillavoiez.

Carmilla has eight years of experience editing for indie authors and publishers, specialising in adult literature and challenging themes. She has a First-Class degree in English Language and Creative Writing. She is politically aware and can act as a sensitivity reader if your story includes characters who are women or LGBTQIA+. She can also offer tutoring and mentoring services to students and writers who feel they might benefit.

If you would like more information about how Carmilla Voiez can help you, please send me a message - CONTACT | Carmilla Voiez.

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