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A Song for the End, Kit Power - a review

Sometimes a new read comes along that completely surprises you. That’s the case with Kit Power’s A Song for the End. The cover and blurb both scream – This is not for you, Carmilla, but thankfully I saw neither before reading this novella.

Blurb -

Becoming an overnight sensation was supposed to be a good thing. Not for Bill Cutter, supply teacher and weekend rock star. His band, The Fallen, have just released their latest tune on social media, and it’s blowing up. So is the body count. Now, Bill faces a frantic race against time to stop the spread of the song, before the horrific effects can no longer be contained. Terrifying, bitterly funny, and tragic, A Song For The End is a breakneck, bloodsoaked tale of truth, lies, consequences… and Rock N Roll.

Cover image -

Be honest now - it doesn’t look like something I’d love, does it?

It’s kind of macho looking and sounding. Not my usual brew...

It’s my turn to be honest – I fucking loved this novella!

Kit Power’s writing is spare and quick-paced, but somehow he manages to bring every character alive and make them sympathetic using a bare minimum of words. I can only compare this ability to greats like Iain Banks and Octavia E Butler. It’s very impressive.

The story is blood-soaked as promised, but it’s also a romp. Some of the scenes are comical, and as anyone who loves Evil Dead or Z Nation will attest, there is nothing more satisfying than horror with a sense of humour. The characters are nuts. You have to wonder how some of them get dressed by themselves, but they’re heroes too. Hell, even the villain manages to be heroic occasionally.

No doubt, sharing the political leanings of some characters (the bad guys) probably helped my enjoyment, but it is Kit Power’s style that drew me in. He could have written a book about a lost cat in this style and I might still be raving. Thankfully he didn’t. He wrote an adventure packed thriller with horror elements, and I suggest you grab yourself a copy now.


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