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A Very Zombie Christmas - New Release: Astrid Addams - Chainsaw Santa

2023 is the year of Zombie Santa Claus: Chainsaw Edition and he’s so much more than just your average chainsaw wielding psycho with a Santa suit fetish!

Oh no, Zombie Santa Claus: Chainsaw Edition is a genuine, jolly, gift giver… if you’ve been good, of course. If not, well…

Part man, part chainsaw and 100% Santa Claus, he will be coming for you. Fuck coal, if you’ve been bad this year your gift could be that you’ll never have to worry about anything, ever again…

So if you want to stay in one whole piece, you’d better be kind and generous, especially to the less fortunate. And buying this story is a good place to start!

All proceeds from Zombie Santa Clause: Chainsaw Edition will be donated to Bacchus Residents Rescue, which rehomes small and exotic animals in the UK. It also cares for animals that require long term specialist care and cannot be rehomed.


The place was covered in tinsel and fairy lights that still flashed around the blood spattered family photos that filled the hallway. At the foot of the stairs was Terence’s dad, the high-powered ammo the cops had given the mums group still smoking from the six holes in his chest. Blood soaked his Christmas jumper and the staircase around him, blocking out the smell of pine from the Christmas tree with its stench. Terence’s mum was in the front room by the Christmas card covered fireplace and the realistic wood burner, automatic military grade assault weapon still in her arms. Unfortunately, her arms were at least a metre away from where most of her was slumped.

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