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An interview with Theresa Jacobs - Women in Horror Month

Theresa Jacobs has taken the indie world by storm. In four short years she's written two novels, four novellas, many short stories, and scripts for television. Currently, she has a film on the indie movie circuit and is working on a serial script of her own. While she is making a name for herself, she also continues to help others reach their goals and is a cheerleader to all things creative. Today I am interviewing Theresa for Women in Horror Month.

How would you describe your brand of horror?

My horror falls under the wider spectrum of Speculative Fiction. I tend to blend genres. I’ve written campy-b horror, paranormal, possession and urban style stories. I don’t like to limit my imagination, or suspect that readers want the same trope spewed at them over and over.

Campy – Sudden Death (with a 15 min film based

on the demon now available)

Paranormal/Possesion – Wife N’ Death

Paranormal/Occult – Cimmerians

Urban – The Zombie Effect

Why do you write horror?

I enjoy delving into the unknown. It’s almost as though by writing it I can find answers myself to all the unanswerable questions. Are ghosts real? Will the zombie apocalypse ever happen? What is making that strange noise in the basement while I’m sitting in my cosy office?

Would you be a villain, victim or hero in a horror story?

Depending on the type of horror, if it was supernatural, I could be a

hero, for my beliefs would help me overcome fear. If it was a

slasher/killer chasing me, most likely a victim, I’m getting old and

slow. I would be a villain in the apocalypse because first come first


What’s your least favourite horror trope?

Torture horror, this hits too close to reality with all the actual insane

monsters in the world. I’ve never understood how people can enjoy

it, unless it’s their secret want “to do” themselves.

Do you believe in the supernatural?

Yes – ish. I believe in energy, both positive and negative and that when strong enough, it impacts the plane we live on.

Have you had any spooky real life experiences you’re willing to share?

Yes, I lived in a house for a short time where I knew someone evil had died, I sensed it. I saw a man walk into my bedroom when I was home alone. I saw him staring at me through a window that was 20 feet off the ground. Then myself, and two friends witnessed a picket fence shatter into a million toothpick sized bits for no reason. We left that house immediately.

Upon googling it 30 yrs later I’ve found it’s been torn down and is now an empty field between two other houses. I’ve yet been able to discover why, or whatever really happened there.

If anyone lives in Harrison Hot Springs BC in the 1980’s or earlier look me up so we can talk!

Tell us briefly about your work in progress.

My latest novella; Handsome, about a serial killer set in Toronto Canada, is currently out to an agent to see if I can become trade published. And while I am waiting, I’m about ¼ of the way into a young adult mystery, with a romantic creature twist; working title The Guardian. I’m also co-writing a comedy Christmas screenplay and a dystopian tv series. So, there is lots to watch for on the horizon.

Share the opening of one of the stories you’ve had published.

People continue to file into the yard, as I stay hidden safely behind the curtained window.

What three pieces of advice would you offer anyone wanting to create horror?

If you’re not creeped out writing it, it’s not going to creep out your reader. Avoid repetitious deaths (I learned that one the hard way) readers don’t like it. Be creative and have fun with it, it’s your story, tell it as you want.

"You can find all my works, the movie link, and

merchandise through my author site. I’m opening to

chatting about books, writing, tv, anything you like.

See you there, and thanks for reading." Theresa

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