• carmillavoiez

Black Sun Covers Reveal

Murder, magic and obsession tear the heroes from the bliss they deserve. Star and Satori are being hunted; something is playing with their lives. Star found her power in another world, but will that be enough to save them? In a game of revenge, lovers and friends are moved around a cosmic chess board; death and madness are the final penalties for defeat. Who can judge whether the self-destructive human psyche or obsessed demon-child is the more dangerous force?

Black Sun is book three in the Starblood series by Carmilla Voiez. Release date for novel June 11, 2019. Companion graphic novel to follow in 2020.

Black Sun covers by Rue Volley and Anna Prashkovich

Black Sun, book three in the Starblood series. Cover art by Rue Volley