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Black Sun - release day

Black Sun, book three in the Starblood series, is due to be released tomorrow (Friday June 11). Starblood set up the action, the complicated friendships, and introduced the antagonist, the fierce and uncompromising Lilith, Mother of Demons. Psychonaut followed a period of growth for the characters as they tried to survive the demon's wrath, and now Black Sun makes the characters - Star, Satori and Freya - face up to the consequences of their actions in the first two books. One of those consequences is Edensun, the demi-demonic son that Star and Satori abandoned on Binah.

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Four years after Star and Satori abandoned him in Lilith’s realm, Edensun is hunting his parents. The world is a confusing and dangerous place for a young demi-demon, and those who pretend to be his friends do not have his best interests at heart. The Cult of Morrigu are on his trail, hiding their purpose beneath their black hoods. How can Edensun get his mother alone and ensure she repays him for those lost years?

Whether it had been true love, as Satori claimed, or a mutually destructive Gothic romance, there are deep rifts between Star and Satori four years after they escaped Lilith’s clutches. Filled with self-loathing, Star tries to distract herself from the truth. When she is forced to face it, will her dark impulses destroy them all?

Written in British English. Black Sun is volume three of the four-part Starblood series.

Caution: contains graphic violence, strong language, and explicit erotic scenes (including LGBTQ content), and is not recommended for young readers.

Soon to be available as a graphic novel with art by Anna Prashkovich.

Links to books:



Black Sun (when live)

Starblood, the graphic novel

Psychonaut, the graphic novel

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