Bleeding Misery, N.M. Lambert - cover reveal

A world of light overpowers a world of darkness.

Following the loss of Roseway, the infamous immortal warlock Henri Anderson has retreated to his castle in Greenwich, England. On the surface, it appears the mortals have won, but Henri has other ideas. After all, he didn’t need Roseway anymore, not when he has Holly’s parents held hostage and kidnapped the new mortal prince, Jeffery Speirs.

Rebekah Jensen is done. After the incident in Roseway where she almost died, she wants nothing to do with the supernatural world, and she especially wants nothing to do with the immortal warlock who caused her ten months of torment. However, Holly is convinced the war is not over, and when it becomes apparent Rebekah is going to be competing in the ICW with Eternal Division, Holly is adamant that she and Mandy take part as well.

Things soon take a turn for the worst when the year’s ICW host and new mortal king Jason Speirs demands there be chaperones, and soon, the ICW facility becomes a hotbed of mortal magic and an even bigger target for Henri. It doesn’t take long until clique participants start turning up dead in the hallways. When Mandy admits she dreamt of those deaths years ago, which inspired her novel Bleeding Misery, everyone’s attention turns to the Foreseer for guidance. But Mandy can’t help them, not in the way they want her to, and especially not while she is under Henri’s influence.

Author bio:

N. M. Lambert is a part-time writer, editor, avid reader and gamer, and a heavy metal enthusiast. She graduated from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor’s in both criminology and anthropology and with minors in both French and psychology. When not writing, she can be seen surfing the web, singing and sometimes trying to perfect her metal growls, and spending way too much time on Animal Crossing. She currently lives in Show Low, Arizona with her family and a menagerie of dogs and birds.

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