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Booklikes Halloween Bingo

During September and October I'll be playing Halloween Bingo on the Booklikes forum.

I've chosen 14 books for far. I'm not sure I can read any more in two months, especially as my degree starts in October. 

I've provisionally matched them to categories and as I read each one I shall post a review here and on

If a square is called and I have read the book I have a cute graphic I can place over my bingo card. As I fill the card I will try and fill a line of five. The centre square can be any horror or dark read, so I may use any of the books there as long as I do not use a book for more than one square.

Here are my provisional choices for squares, but until the squares are called I do not have to settle on which category some of the books work for, and as I read them more categories might suggest themselves for any one book.

For example - Beloved would work for Diverse Voices, Ghost Stories, American Horror Story, Southern Gothic, Genre Horror and Supernatural. In the Miso Soup would work for Diverse Voices, Slasher Stories and Genre Horror.

Join me throughout September and October for these dark reads. Which have you read and what do you think of the categories?

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