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Dawn of the Living-Impaired, Christine Morgan - new horror

Coming August 1st

With her signature style of fusing horror and humor, Christine Morgan brings you the zombie collection you've been waiting for. From a televised debate-destined for disaster-between a zombie killing general and an advocate for the "Living-Impaired(which seems all too plausible)”, to an unlikely schoolyard romance that finds common cause experimenting on the dead, and all manner of ghoulish delights in between. Christine delivers all the blood and brains you could ask for in these nine tales risen from the grave! Book link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TWGM3DF/

About the Author

Christine Morgan divides her writing time among many genres, from horror to historical, from superheroes to smut, anything in between and combinations thereof. She's a future crazy-cat-lady and a longtime gamer, who enjoys British television, cheesy action/disaster movies, cooking and crafts. Her short stories have appeared in dozens of anthologies. Her most recent novels include Lakehouse Infernal, and Spermjackers From Hell. She'll have a collection of zombie tales, “Dawn of the Living-Impaired and Other Messed Up Zombie Stories”, coming out August 1st, 2019. She also edits, is a regular contributor to The Horror Fiction Review, and lives in Portland where she's delighted to be involved with the horror and bizarro writer scene.