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Evil Returned, Richard Raven - New Horror


Married only two years, Jeff and Angie were happy. Jeff’s new business was finally showing some promise and he couldn’t wait to treat his beautiful wife to a long overdue night out.

Everything that Jeff feared was ready to reach out and touch him. Everything he cherished either shattered or was turned upside down.

All he could hope for was to keep his sanity and face the evil when the time came. And that time was coming soon…For the Evil Returned.

Link to the book: mybook.to/theevilreturned

Reader Review

“This is a horrific tale of a married couple's worst nightmare. What starts out as an evening on the town quickly turns into hell on earth. There were some really brutal scenes that could cause issues for people with triggers of physical and sexual abuse. I had not expected the turn the story takes. When that happened, I could not stop reading as I had to find out what was going to happen next. I finished this book quickly due to the escalation that kept me wanting more. Raven then cleverly wraps things up. I went through a string of emotions as I continued reading. Some chapters left me emotionally spent where I had to stop and breathe before continuing. Hang on tight for this one because it's worth the ride!” —Christina Eleanor (Amazon’s reader)

About Richard Raven

Richard Raven embraced Horror in all forms at an early age. He is a fan of such writers as Stephen King, James Herbert, Clive Barker, John Everson, and Edward Lee. He writes every day, leading to whatever dark place the divine guidance and ideas strike in him. He enjoys writing simple ghost stories to tales of hard-edged horror to murder mysteries and everything in between, so his readers are never quite sure what to expect from him. Richard Raven likes it that way and desires his readers will embrace in the same fashion. He exists in the South, and revels in the old fables and ghost stories that abound in his region of the globe.

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Richard-Raven/e/B0759WXYHV