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London After Midnight - Press Release


Now, beginning November 30, 2023, LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT will be available as both a softcover (£15.99/$18.99) and hardcover script book (£19.99/$24.99), featuring the complete audio script by Lance Roger Axt and Kenton Hall, production diaries from Audio Production Award-nominated co-director Jack Bowman, and a brand-new novelisation from Hall.

The book will also feature contributions from noted historian Dick Fiddy of the British Film Institute and curator of the Missing, Believed Wiped programme, and rising horror film producer Jed Shepherd (Host, Dashcam, and a forthcoming feature TBA with Sam Raimi).

Hardcover copies will exclusively include a special code to obtain a digital copy of the LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT audio movie.

In addition, copies signed by members of the production team will be available for pre-order from before the official Amazon release on 11/30/2023.

How’s that for a Christmas gift?


( is part murder mystery, part vampire thriller and part gothic ghost story as businessman Sir James Hamlin seeks to uncover the identities of the tenants living in the Balfour mansion, long neglected since the suicide of Roger Balfour five years earlier. But when all indications point to the tenants being vampires, family friend and Scotland Yard detective Edward Burke arrives to uncover the truth… which leads to a mystery of a very different kind…

The last known copy of LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT was destroyed in the 1965 MGM Vault Fire and remains the Holy Grail of missing feature films. The original silent movie, released in 1927, was a box office smash grossing over $1 million at the box office while the infamous “monster” of the piece, “The Man in the Beaver Hat”, became a horror icon inspiring creature and villain designs for modern horror hits The Babadook (2014) and The Black Phone (2021).

“LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT is a masterwork in audio that hits right in all the creepy places.” - Jonathan Pezza, showrunner of the hit podcast series Curious Matter

LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT stars Art Malik (most recently seen in The Little Mermaid remake breaking records on Disney+, as well as True Lies, The Living Daylights) as Sergeant Burke, Dan Starkey (Doctor Who) as Sir James, Beth Eyre (Wooden Overcoats, Circles) as Lucy Balfour, Kenton Hall (A Dozen Summers, Les Miserables) as Hibbs, and David Bickerstaff (Lost At Christmas) as Roger Balfour. It also features David K. Barnes (showrunner of Wooden Overcoats, Cry Havoc: Ask Questions Later), Sarah Dorsett, Karim Kronfli (Re: Dracula), Abi McLoughlin (Sandman I and III), Cliff Chapman (Alien III) and Jack Bowman.

Review Copy Requests:

“AudioMarvels, Pocket Universe Productions and Monkey Basket Entertainment have given voice to the long-lost silent horror classic film LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT, adapted from the original screenplay in this full audio drama. Sure to make you more than a little uneasy walking home through the fog.” - Mike Grell, DC Comics legend

Publicity: Mar Garcia, TBM Marketing, and Lys Fulda, The Sphinx Group.

Additional Digital Download Distribution: Audioteria, Andrew Mark Sewell & Helen Quigley

Podcast Network: Fable and Folly, Sean Howard & Russ More

Audio Streaming Network: Apollo+, Nicholas Prufer & AJ Churchill

UK Cinema Screenings, Courtesy of The Misty Moon Film Society, Stuart Morriss

Vinyl & Digital Audio Movie Distribution: Monkey Basket Entertainment

Producers: Lance Roger Axt for Pocket Universe Productions, Jack Bowman for AudioMarvels®, & Kenton Hall for Monkey Basket Entertainment.

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