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May Giveaway

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In spite of high pollen counts playing havoc with my hayfever and asthma, May is one of my favourite months. Why? Partly because it’s my birthday and even after 48 years there is still some nostalgia associated with the day, plus prezzies. May is also a month for celebrating workers of the world and agitating to gain better conditions. It is also Mental Health month, a subject close to my heart. You will find many posts on the subject of my struggles on my blog. I’ll also get two new book covers this May, which I will reveal nearer the end of the month. Black Sun (book three in the Starblood series of four books) and Black Sun the graphic novel. My next newsletter will be to reveal both of them.

Since my last newsletter, way back in February, Psychonaut (book two of the Starblood series) has been released – http://smarturl.it/PsychonautVoiez the companion graphic novel can be found here – http://smarturl.it/Psychonaut and if you still haven’t read the first book, what are you waiting for? The link to that is here – http://smarturl.it/Starblood or if you prefer paperbacks you can find the trilogy in my webstore. Book four will be available later this year.