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New Release from Jeff Thomson - TBM blog tour

From the warped mind who brought you Zombies Don’t Surf and the rest of the Guardians of the Apocalypse saga, comes a twisted tale of blood and death and magic in a mythical place called The City. Think The Dresden Files meets Sin City, while hanging out with The Warriors in 1947, then crank it up to eleven and hang on for the ride.

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“What did I imagine? Think of Dragnet and Jack Web as Horatio then throw in Linda Hamilton as Jennifer. Add to that black magic, demons, lots of different and very influential gangs, some major fire power, a few priests, lots of blood and gore and top it off with a couple ghosts!! Then throw in that it's very cold outside and our heroes are constantly freezing their hind ends off and you come out with the first in a two book series that, not only have I thoroughly enjoyed but also get to die in! Jeff Thomson, you've done it again!” 5 star review

“From page one Jeff grabs you by the hand and drags you through a world of madness, chaos and Epic Mayhem! The MC’s are easy to love. The banter between them is hilarious and drips sarcasm. Jeff has created a place that is mysterious, crazy and so much fun to visit! If you read Guardians of the Apocalypse or Scream Bloody Cheerleader this is a must read. Jeff’s style is truly one of a kind! Highly recommend!” 5 star review

“The title of this book is well earned. A detective and her father's former partner race the clock to stop the destruction of everyone and everything as unknown persons attempt to let loose the dark Gods of old. They have to navigate through a multitude of gangs as well as demons and old magic. Who can they trust when it seems like everyone wants them dead. I had no idea when I started this story that it would be a near non-stop marathon with battle after battle and an epic body count. Jeff Thomson must have a great time thinking of the many ways to have characters die in the most gruesome and senseless ways possible. It was an absolute hoot to read. I can't wait for the second book which I just learned is called "Body Count". How much more mayhem can he create?!” 5 star review

An interview with the author:

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