October Frights Blog Hop - day 1

Welcome to October Frights. For five days I will exclusively post horror and Halloween content.

Check out these fellow bloggers who are actively blogging this week -

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Night to Dawn Magazine & Books LLC

Hawk's Happenings

Heidi Angell


James McDonald

Always Another Chapter

Spreading the Writer's Word

Yours in Storytelling

Carmilla Voiez

Hello Romance


Frighten Me


Angela Yuriko Smith

Brain Matter


What I'll be posting on this blog between October 10th and 15th -

A list of my favourite horror of 2020 (books, TV and films).

  • A look at some of pages from the upcoming Black Sun graphic novel,

  • and a brief look at the magick behind the award winning Starblood series,

  • plus exclusive discounts on paperbacks and associated merchandise.

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