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October Frights, day 2, Adam Nevill

This isn’t the first year I’ve raved about British Horror writer Adam Nevill during October Frights, but with his new release due out this Halloween I do not feel ashamed mentioning him again. Video and transcript below as are links to reviews of Adam Nevill’s books – The Reddening, Last Days, The Ritual, Apartment 16, and Hasty for the Dark.

Transcript: I wanted to record this in woodland, but so far the rain and wild winds of North East Scotland have thwarted my plan. I’m not sure you are ready to see me damp and huddled beneath a tree, raindrops streaming like snot from my face “Blair Witch” style, and I certainly don’t feel inclined to subject myself to that indignity. A shadowy woodland would be the best place to talk about my favourite books by Adam Nevill, because all three display a yearning to return to an untamed place and time. A rewilding. The Reddening, The Ritual and Last Days. The exception being Apartment 16 (a great book but not useful for this discussion).

The Ritual is set in the Scandinavian wilderness where an ancient pagan deity hunts.

Last Days takes us step by step from an apartment in London to an abandoned farm in rural France and finally to the Arizona desert, moving further and further from civilization.

Adam Nevill returns to wild places for his latest release “The Reddening”, published by Ritual Limited. A large section of Nevill’s work focuses on rewilding and the primitive versus the civilized human. He grabs the primitive human from prehistory and drags them snarling and thrashing into the modern world. The Reddening is set along the untamed coastal landscape of south Devon, a place of scrub-land and woodland, barely marked by human hands. There is an ancient and enduring evil hiding in this land. A spate of disappearances and deaths bring the spotlight to a religious group who worship the Red Queen and her white pups. Grab a lipstick and cover yourself with its oily crimson this Halloween to immerse yourself in Nevill’s strange and dangerous world.

Review of The Reddening, by Adam Nevill

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Review of The Ritual, by Adam Nevill

Review of Last Days, by Adam Nevill

Review of Apartment 16, by Adam Nevill

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