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Preacher, Season 4 Episode 8 – wow

Preacher, season 4 ep 8

I have enjoyed AMC’s Preacher from the beginning. The mix of slapstick, dark comedy and horror makes it about as entertaining as TV comes. If you love The Evil Dead and Z Nation style comedy and want something with a little more panache, the this is it.

This week the team went all out including scenes of cannibalism, missing genitals replaced by a leaky tap (faucet), tearing nipples and the most shocking scene where God punishes Jesse in a ferocious way.

There are only two episodes left and we are facing the end of the world. God wants to replace humans with his next great creation, and in the words of Tulip – God is an asshole. At last Jesse comes face to face with his maker, but the questions he wanted to ask seem irrelevant now. He is just delighted to have passed God’s test, or at least he thinks he has, but like in every profit turning casino, the game is rigged. God shall have his apocalypse.

Preacher, season 4 ep 8

It’s hard to feel sorry for Herr Starr. Through all the degradation and mutilation this man has endured he manages to remain as heartless and cruel throughout. Perhaps a decent metaphor for organised religion. The scene where Jesus breakdances is an absolute delight, however.

Tulip and Cassidy kidnap the Messiah, hoping to make God watch as Tulip kills God’s chosen one. The scenes with Humperdoo are problematic and the moral appears to be that it is innocence God values above intelligence, strength and courage.

While I find it impossible to see Jesse Custer as a hero, Cassidy is so much better for Tulip, and I loved his line about mansplaining, God makes the perfect villain in this story – unforgiving, sadistic and prone to rage. You may find it difficult to catch up on four seasons before the finale airs, but I recommend that you try.

Cassidy, Tulip and Jesse in Preacher, AMC