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Psychonaut release day

Book 2 of the Starblood series is released by Indomitable Ink on Friday 4th June.

Psychonaut is a story of redemption. The characters learn their flaws and find ways to rise above them.

Satori is not willing to let the reality of Star’s fate deter him from his heroic quest. He would rather battle demons and traverse terrifying other worlds than accept Star’s final decision. It isn’t only Lilith he must face; the police believe he murdered his ex-girlfriend; and vengeful Freya colludes with the Mother of Demons to plot Satori’s downfall. How can Satori reach Star in Lilith’s kingdom while so many forces oppose him on Earth?

Star did not expect a place in Heaven after death, but her Hell is worse than she could have imagined. Satori promised to find her, but she refuses to await rescue. How can she find the strength to survive, let alone escape, when both her lover and her infant son are her torturers?

Written in British English. Psychonaut is volume two of the four-part Starblood series.

Caution: contains graphic violence, strong language, and explicit erotic scenes (including LGBTQ content), and is not recommended for young readers.

"Carmilla Voiez is more of a singer than a writer. She tells her compelling story in a hypnotic, distinctive voice that brings her eerie world vividly to life." Graham Masterton.

“Psychonaut is a book of mad impulses, inner vision, sadism, escape and belief. You feel uncomfortable reading it, like Alex strapped to the chair in Clockwork Orange being taught to feel sick at atrocity. Rather than leave us crippled by response, though, Psychonaut bears you through the hurt towards the only paradise we can be assured of…a love past fault.” Jef Rouner, Houston Press.

Also available as a graphic novel with art by Anna Prashkovich.

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