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The War has Begun...

Deep in the North American forests lurks an animal spirit known as the Grishla. The Grishla is so ancient it pre-dates the human race by several million years, and it is so powerful and reclusive only very insightful witches know of its existence.

Five hundred years ago, the Dwanake tribe possessed such witches. Drunk on their own power and arrogance, these witches attempted to enslave the Grishla. Enraged, the creature began hunting and killing the Dwanake.

Desperate, the tribal elders ordered experiments on the Dwanake children to create the ultimate witch to defend their people. Sixteen-year-old Sean Wolf is that witch. But Sean is so powerful that he cannot control his own magic.

Will he be able to defeat the Grishla or will he destroy himself and everyone that he loves?

Here’s what the critics say

Review by Kirkus:

“Gray delivers suspense throughout...the exposition also offers engaging character development. The teens’ dynamic is likewise solid. Equally appealing back story and characters make a sequel to this novel about an animal spirit something to look forward to.”

Review by Fangoria/Starlog Magazine:

“…unique…a tale of magic and monsters that feels simultaneously intense and personal. Overall, THE HUNTED TRIBE: DECLARATION OF WAR is a highly recommended read, one that will resonate just as hard with seasoned horror fans as it will for a younger reader looking to expand their horizons.”

Review by Readers' Favorite: Five stars "If you love well written YA, you will love this book. If you love monsters and horror, you will love this book. I’m guessing most readers in general will love this book. It’s that good."

Book link: mybook.to/THT1


Who is the killer? A monster… or Sean Wolf’s own grandmother?

Gregg Redcrow is dead and someone killed him. Sean’s mentally-ill grandmother claims it was the Grishla, a dinosaur animal spirit hell-bent on destroying Sean, his family, and the entire Dwanake tribe. She also claims he is the Ultra Witch, the most powerful witch ever born who is destined to slay the beast. But that’s just one of her delusions…right?

The more Sean investigates, the more he doubts everything he has been told as well as his own sanity. Someone is drugging his food…his friends are starting to act strange…and all the while, the clock is ticking down to the day he has to return home. If he leaves, who will take care of his grandmother as her illness progresses? Even worse, if she did indeed murder Gregg, will she kill again? A terrible dread begins to seep into his bones, and he can almost see the red glare of doom on his horizon…

Link to Amazon: mybook.to/THT2

Meet the author

Roma Gray lives in the haunted town of Godfrey, Illinois. She lives with two black cats, a sun conure and a black chihuahua. Her motto is “Every day is Halloween.”

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/romagray/

Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/Roma-Gray/e/B00UP2CU1U

Twitter: https://twitter.com/romagraybooks13

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