Slice Girls interview with Shannon Grant

What was it that attracted you to the Slice Girls anthology?

Most of my work involves female main characters and I’ve recently been delving more into the flash fiction side of short stories.

How did you feel writing a story about a violent woman?

It’s not something I do often, so it was interesting. I felt like I could explore a darker side of a main character I haven’t done often enough.

Please give the readers a brief summary of the story you wrote for the collection?

It’s a dark take on Alice in Wonderland, one in which the main character becomes Alice when she’s confronted with troublesome men.

How do you feel about the way women are usually portrayed in horror?

I’m a big fan of the Final Girl trope. It’s an idea that portrays women as strong and resourceful when they’re plunked down to stare dire circumstances in the face.

Do you think the way female characters are portrayed in horror reflects the way society views women?

Definitely. Going back to the Final Girl trope, the monster underestimates her. The monster doesn’t understand the power she has, and, in some instances, she doesn’t understand that power she has either. I think a lot of people can relate to that idea.

Slice Girls includes the subheading Feminazi Splattergoth. What are your thoughts about the term Feminazi?

I used to hear Feminazi thrown around in college back whenever someone tried to stand up for women’s rights, and I never understood that. I haven’t really heard the term used in a major capacity in a while, which led me to believe the world is changing and it’s an outdated term. Using it as a subheading for a horror anthology is a fun way of being subversive.

Have any of your other stories been published? If so tell us about them and where readers can find them.

My first short story, “The Butterfly Queen,” was published in the anthology Invocations, released by Great Old Ones Publishing. Recently I’ve been writing stories for the Scary Snippets series, released by Nocturnal Sirens Publishing. I’ve also been working with Pub518, a company local to me, and I will be in their anthology A Guide to Useless Sidekicks coming this fall. Everything is available on Amazon.

What is your favourite short story by another author?

If I absolutely had to pick, I’m going to go with “Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl. It’s still one of the most memorable stories I’ve read.

Bio: Shannon Grant had a vivid imagination as a child. Then she grew into an adult and decided to use that imagination to creep out the general public. She currently focuses on short stories, trying to find the perfect time to write the Great American Female Fronted B-Horror Novel. In her spare time, she enjoys movie marathons and traveling to weird and unusual tourist attractions.


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