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Slice Girls - release day

Slice Girls is released on 9th February, 2021 as part of the Women in Horror Month #WiHM celebrations. You can find the book at major bookstores and here is the Amazon link for your convenience.

From tales of revenge and spurned lovers to vengeful ghosts and blood-thirsty misandrists, this unique collection explores the violent potential of women. Turning old tropes on their heads, we have male victims and female killers. This anthology of Feminazi Splatter Goth will uncover the darkness of the “fairer sex” and prove the age-old maxim that – the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

Short stories of horror and torture from indie authors around the globe including Kenzie Jennings, Jef Rouner, Carmilla Voiez and Timothy Black. Twenty-two short stories of murder and mayhem.

To whet your appetite, here are the first and final lines of five of the twenty-two tales:-

  • “Do you remember Daryl Smith?” Clare asked, handing me a cup of fruit tea. [...] I smiled as a thought crossed my mind; the word slut wouldn't be formed in his broken mouth for a very long time.

  • To most people it was just an ordinary Thursday, but to Caroline, today was the day she decided to rid herself of the spiders living in her brain. [...] Time to start the liberation.

  • The chimpanzee with a bandaged forehead grabbed a hypodermic needle. [...] The gorilla’s stooped shouldered silhouette reminded her of her dead grandfather.

  • The new blade was shiny and smooth. [...] It would return to the back of her closet, waiting for the next time.

  • It was a glorious day, the kind of day where the sun beams down through your wind screen and tries to turn you into another traffic accident statistic. [...] Together, hand in hand, they waited for the hearse to arrive.

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