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Soft Places: a horror graphic novel.

Soft Places is a novella / graphic novel hybrid, written and illustrated by Betty Rocksteady.

Johnna is found naked, wandering the streets with a mysterious head injury. Seemingly psychotic, she’s forced into the care of perverted psychiatrist Dr. Gonne. She must escape his clutches and return to a strange place she only half-remembers.

For mature audiences**


“Emotionally rich, wonderfully weird, and wholly original.” —Danger Slater, Wonderland award winning author.

“The rationing of the illustrated pages is masterfully handled, blowing open the text not unlike when the IMAX scenes of a movie kick in, or when the murky 3-D glasses come off. Recommended for readers looking for something a little different.” —David James Keaton, author of Headcleaner.

“I freaking loved this. It perfectly blends mystery, unease, and disgust with surreal imagery and FANTASTIC drawings. A lovely, lovely, lovely book.” —Somer Canon, author of The Hag Witch of Tripp Creek.

About the author:

Betty Rocksteady spends as much time as possible wandering around daydreaming. Her illustrated cosmic sex horror novella The Writhing Skies won the 2018 This is Horror award for best novella, and was nominated for the Splatterpunk Award. Surreal and explicit, her short fiction is collected in In Dreams We Rot. Her illustration style is inspired by old cartoons and newspaper comics. Soft Places is her first graphic novel.

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