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Starblood Update (and Godless)

As many of you know, my publisher folded a year ago and many of my books have been out of print since then.

I have now edited the first two Starblood books. Starblood is currently available from multiple retailers as an ebook and in paperback. Psychonaut will be exclusively available from Godless as an ebook for one month following May 13th, after which it will enjoy a wide release. You can find my Godless author page at the bottom of this post along with the places you can buy Starblood. The third, and final, book requires a major rewrite. I hope to release it again by the end of the year with a new title and cover.

Starblood’s graphic novel artist, Anna, needed to relocate, but we have been in contact, and I hope to be able to update you about Black Sun the graphic novel in the near future.


Carmilla Voiez is a British horror and fantasy writer living in Scotland. Her influences include Graham Masterton, Thomas Ligotti, and Clive Barker. She is pansexual and passionate about intersectional feminism and human rights.

Carmilla has a First-Class Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and Linguistics. Her work includes stories in horror anthologies published by Crystal Lake Publishing, Clash Books and Mocha Memoirs; a co-authored Southern Gothic Horror novel; two self-published graphic novels, and the award-winning, dark fantasy/horror Starblood series.

Graham Masterton described the second book in her Starblood series as a “compelling story in a hypnotic, distinctive voice that brings her eerie world vividly to life”.

Carmilla is also a freelance editor and mentor who enjoys making language sing.

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