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Stronger than Hate, Robert Essig - available for pre-order

Synopsis -

Francine watches the deal from below, trapped within a sinkhole that opened up in her precious garden. Forty bucks and a quarter bag of weed. How could she be sold off for so little? Familiar faces look down upon her—the worst students she ever had the displeasure of teaching before she retired from the local high school. They snicker as money changes hands. They spit on her, throw things at her. And there’s no way in hell they’re going to get help. But someone else knows about Francine’s predicament. Her neighbor Greg, another former student. The one whose peers called him Lazy Eye. The one who always looked to be accepted even at the expense of Francine’s safety. Does he have it in his heart to do the right thing, to come to his senses and call the police?

At the mercy of deviants, Francine Mosely must harness her inner strength to survive their torments, but how much can she take? Through guidance from the memory of her late husband she banishes herself from what is happening, retreating to her most precious memories, but what happens when the horrors around her infiltrate her mind? How much can she take before breaking down? Is Francine Mosely STRONGER THAN HATE?

Link to the book: Amazon: https://amzn.to/31Ymo0Y

About the Author

Robert Essig is the author of a dozen books including Stronger Than Hate, Death Obsessed, and Ain't Worth a Shit (with Jack Bantry). He has published over 100 short stories and edited several small press anthologies. His forthcoming novel Mojave Mud Caves will be published as a signed limited edition through Thunderstorm Books, and he is hard at work on his next anthology, Chew on This!, that will be published with Blood Bound Books. Robert Lives with his family in Southern California, but not for long. They're relocating to the other side of the country very soon. In the meantime you can find him on all major social media outlets or at robertessig.blogspot.com.

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