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The Rave, by Blake Jeckel - visual horror

Here it is! The very first visual novel by Count Krew Publications. Based on a short story of the same name, The Rave chronicles Detroit's biggest underground party in years. There's only one problem... the venue is inhabited by a very real, and very vengeful urban legend. A vibrant mix of campy horror and cheesy comedy, this Halloween-themed visual novel delivers a good time with characters you'll love, love to hate, and never EVER forget!!!

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About the author - Contel Bradford is a freelance journalist, author, and owner of Count Krew Publications. Though more comfortable in the specialized areas of erotica and urban fiction, he recently ventured into the dark, eerie world of fictional horror. Under the alias “Blake Jeckel”, Contel is carving out intimate and interactive reading experiences with projects such as The Rave, a visual novel that pays homage to old school horror while butchering as many of the genre's classic tropes as possible. He's an open book and invites you to connect on the interwebs … if you dare!