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The Soul Stealer: Graham Masterton – a book review

It may be because I was so impressed with the last book I read, but this one lacked lustre in comparison. I’ve enjoyed Masterton’s stories since I was a teenager, Family Portrait and Mirror being my favourites, but The Soul Stealer didn’t give me the same rollercoaster ride as those earlier books.

I did like two of the minor characters and would have loved to learn more about Tokoor the Ghost Woman and Teodoro. The two main characters, Trinity and Nemo (who unfortunately became Trinity and Neo in my head), moved the plot along, and Trinity was a young woman who managed to keep a lot of balls in the air, but I wasn’t gripped by either, if you know what I mean.

The plot is a metaphor for the way the movie industry uses and chews up women; a metaphor I think could be easily extended to capitalism as a whole. Big trigger warnings for rape and torture, BTW.

It certainly didn’t put me off reading other books by Graham Masterton, but it isn’t my favourite of his works, not by a long shot.

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