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Winners and no losers

Updated: Oct 31

Last night I had a wonderful time at the Ribbons release part event on Facebook.

Ribbons has been selling well and there's already a review on Amazon. Starblood and Psychonaut (books 1 and 2) will remain on sale at 99c for the weekend, and there is a 40% off sale on the trilogy and graphic novels signed paperbacks on my website - www.carmillavoiez.com - use the code STAR40 when ordering.

Patricia Annette is the winner of the posters, badges and bookmarks prize.

Six people entered the competition to win hardcover copies of the graphic novels, two postcard size prints and four bookmarks. I entered all the names on Random.org and had the list randomised. The name at #1 is the winner. Who is it? Fanfare please - the winner is Ann Rawson.

Congratulations Patricia and Ann and thank you to everyone. I hope you enjoy reading my books and please consider leaving a review after you have finished them. Reviews are the lifeblood for authors.

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