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Writing update

Upcoming horror release

Tomorrow (September 1st), the co-written Southern Gothic Horror novel "Our Fearful Roots" will be available to pre-order. The release date is set for October 1st, and it will make a perfect Halloween read. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow, including a link to where you can order the novel.

Work in progress

I have written 35,000 words towards my next novel - a dark urban fantasy set in a women's prison. The working title is "The Demon's Mistress", but as there are other books with the same name, it's likely the title will change before release. I shall be looking for beta readers when it is ready, so if you are interested, watch this space... (well not this space exactly, but my blog).

Recent release

The complete Starblood series is available for Kindle and in paperback now. Contact me if you wish to purchase signed copies, but be aware that postage outside the UK is more evil than Lilith (the series' antagonist). Alternatively, you can purchase the novels via Amazon - links below.

Book one - Starblood

Book two - Psychonaut

Book three - Black Sun

Book four - Pariah

Published by Indomitable Ink.

Graphic novels of books one and two are available, and volume three is currently in production.

Graphic Novel one - Starblood

Graphic Novel two - Psychonaut

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