Star craves freedom, but Satori refuses to let her go. He casts a spell to make her love him again, opening a gateway through which Lilith, mother of demons, enters his life.

Lilith serves no man. Instead she seduces Star, assuring her that there is no shame in love, only completion. Thus begins a strange and terrible love triangle that leads them to Scotland and the Cairngorm mountains.

An LGBT love story full of horror and dark fantasy - be careful what you wish for.

HFA's Horror Author of the Year (2013), Fear Venture's Author of the Year (2014), Best Horror Release by The Three Bookateers (2014).


Starblood is the first book in a series - Psychonaut, Black Sun, and Pariah continue Star, Satori and Lilith's stories.

A graphic novel based on this award-winning novel is also available, illustrated by Anna Prashkovich.



Satori is caught between two worlds. There is something he needs in one, but the other keeps drawing him back. However, he is in love and he isn’t going to let a little thing like death get in his way. To reach his goal, he must face unimaginable horrors, not least of which is his true self.
Star’s tortured and broken body awaits Satori, but does she really need him to save her? His rival, a rage-filled young woman, grows more powerful and becomes as twisted as the ribbons in her hair while the demon, Lilith, draws each of them inexorably towards her. Who will survive the coming battle?

Full of sex and magic, “Psychonaut” is an exploration into the human psyche and the second book in Voiez’s Starblood series.

"Carmilla Voiez is more of a singer than a writer. She tells her compelling story in a hypnotic, distinctive voice that brings her eerie world vividly to life." Graham Masterton

Psychonaut is a book of mad impulses, inner vision, sadism, escape and belief. You feel uncomfortable reading it, like Alex strapped to the chair in Clockwork Orange being taught to feel sick at atrocity. Rather than leave us crippled by response, though, Psychonaut bears you through the hurt towards the only paradise we can be assured of...a love past fault.” Jef Withonef, Houston Press.


Black Sun

Murder, magic and obsession tear the heroes from the bliss they deserve. Star and Satori are being hunted; something is playing with their lives. Star found her power in another world, but will that be enough to save them? In a game of revenge, lovers and friends are moved around a cosmic chess board; death and madness are the final penalties for defeat. Who can judge whether the self-destructive human psyche or obsessed demon-child is the more dangerous force?


The world is reeling after the terrible red rain. Star abandons both her conscience and her son in her quest for redemption. Edensun is beset by other forces and has no time to grieve. Garlow - a megalomaniac would-be-dictator - demands Edensun aid his rise to power; and the Cult of Morrigu intend to kill the demi-demon and thus prevent another apocalypse.


Freya wants revenge. Lilith, Edensun and Star have stripped her of all she holds dear, and now she must make them pay. Her recruitment by the Morrigu seems to afford her the perfect opportunity, but are they planning to sacrifice her to save their own skins?


Written in British English. Black Sun is volume three of the four-part Starblood series.


Caution: contains graphic violence and strong language, and is not recommended for young readers.