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The Venus Virus

It's very early days in the evolution of my next planned novel "The Venus Virus", but as and when I start to develop interesting ideas and character profiles for the story I plan to blog them on my website so that my readers have the opportunity to see the earliest development of this novel.

Paul stood in the corner of the room, near the exit. He wasn't short exactly, but few people needed to raise their eyes to see the heart-shaped face in which his pale eyes moved constantly as if scanning the area for predators. Except for his eyes, his body remained so still it reminded me of a rabbit caught in headlamps. His thick mahogany hair reached that part of his back where a bra strap would dig into his flesh if he ever wore one, but his eyebrows were fine and his chin, smooth. His outer clothes, a pair of jeans and a navy sweatshirt, looked comfortable and well loved, to the point that his trainers probably leaked when it rained.

There was something compulsive about the way I watched his delicate movements, as if I was trying to see beyond his shadowy demeanour and into his soul. After all he was almost unique, and certainly the only person who presented as male in the crowded room. This alone was enough to fascinate me and the less than furtive glances from other female guests, suggested I wasn't alone in my obsession.

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