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Drac-in-a-Box, some of my favourite images

It's been half a decade since I gave up Drac-in-a-Box, and I've been thinking about it a lot. I finally updated my yahoo mail and there is a section for all the photos I have received by email. Many of those are here. The challenge is remembering all the names and faces of the people I worked with over the years, often remotely. I think I managed to remember most and I acknowledge their talent here -

Photographers - Natasha Epperson, Susan Tillman, Kidtee Hello, Gothic Image, Paul Martin, David Hindley, Damien, Becky Randall, Adam Robertson, George Androulakis.

Models - Donna Ricci, Anita Debauch, Miss Millicent, Ruby True, Dee, Morgana, Valeria Sinistrari, Anita Star, Amaranth, Amalthea, Ulorin Vex, Marzin, Mark, Tommie Vain, Sapphrine, Lenora Claire, Widow, Miss Morticia, Harlot Rouge, Keisha Rio, Ereshkigal, Mistress Persephone.

Artists - Rion Vernon, Jim Sin.

I hope to interview some of these wonderful people and find out about their memories of Drac-in-a-Box and what they are doing now. If I manage to do this I'll make a blog series of the interviews. In the meantime here are some of the images that got me remembering this wonderful time.

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