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This Month's Netflix Finds

For a Kafkaesque bizarre farce you can't get much sillier than "The Similars" or "Los Parecidos" a Mexican horror. That said, in spite of the "am-dram hammy-ness", there's a serious message about the way we as humans focus on our differences rather than our similarities, and the young boy is absolutely terrifying.

We move south to Australia for the next Netflix treat. This was a touching ghost story. It isn't difficult to foresee the twist in the tale, but it loses very little if you do. It's a coming of age story about estranged friends and toxic masculinity. A superb film that's creepy, touching, and hard hitting all at once.

Canada is the source of the third Netflix horror I've watched this month. It's a French-Canadian zombie/contagion film. Excellent and thought-provoking horror, with plenty of unanswered questions like - what are the strange shrines the inflicted make and worship in the fields? It deals with mistrust and self-sacrifice in challenging ways in a small town setting.

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