• carmillavoiez

Book Spotlight - The Venus Virus

New London: 2067. Britain struggles to rebuild after the crushing devastation of the Great Flood. Those in power have formed a new regime in the wake of the disaster.

Whether it is a hard-won utopia or an oppressive nightmare depends entirely on gender. Unmarried women have no legal rights or protection, and their access to education and employment is limited to ensure their servitude. Yet a fire burns within them to prove they are

far from the weaker sex, and their rebellion seeks to tear down the patriarchal rule.

Cerys and Gloria have very different dreams, but a common enemy.

Joining an underground alliance, they discover a group of scientists in possession of a weapon powerful enough to change society forever. Their radical solution is not without great risk. Failure means death or imprisonment. Success could land them in a seat of authority, over

a society that loathes them, without the requisite skills to thrive.