• carmillavoiez

Excerpt from Pariah

#Amwriting the first draft of the fifth book in the Starblood series. At the moment I am working on what is currently the second chapter. What follows includes spoilers so you may want to stop reading now. In this chapter we see what happens to Star after she steps into the fire in front of the Parliament Building in Westminster London. The passage is inspired by an experience I had at a friend's house six years ago, when I experimented with a mind-altering substance. Don't do drugs, kids, unless you really want to and you have someone close by who you trust to take care of you. ;)

She is merely one speck in a sky bright with ancient stars. Lights pulse, relaying their tales of long-dead worlds.

She is huge. Her body fills the sky, swallowing galaxies while somehow traversing the landscape of her own skin where pale hairs tower like redwoods between the chasms of her pores.

Tiny again, an insignificant speck of dust, unable to unleash Hell. Enormous, a cosmos, a heavenly body, a Titan crushing humans like insects. These two states of being alternate so rapidly that Star feels she is both at the same time – inconsequential and cataclysmic. It is dizzying, but intensely pleasurable, to be small and large enough to fall into any one of her five million pores.