• carmillavoiez

Isolation, day 53

Almost two months into Lockdown and Chip wants to know why there's no fish in our fresh vegetables delivery.

The rest of us are doing better this week, although my elder daughter has banned me from checking stats about the pandemic after I started screaming that our part of Scotland has the highest transmission rate this week.

My younger daughter is learning to play piano on a full-sized keyboard we got for her. She plays for hours each day, and can already sing and play a pop song, albeit at a slightly slower speed, so with my partner on the guitar, my daughters on the violin, keyboard and vocals, and the cat moaning about a distinct lack of fish, we've been a house full of music this week.

The weather can't make up its mind, we had snow last week and today it's glorious sunshine. Perhaps I'm channelling this indecision in my writing habits, because I'm currently working on two novels and two short stories, none of them the fifth book of the Starblood series that I'm supposed to be writing, but whatever, right?

I went for a walk today, accompanied by hungry horseflies, so if I appear to have a growth on my cheek while I'm reading Starblood this evening, you'll understand why. I took a few snaps including Chip having a nap on a neighbours' trampoline, he hadn't moved when I returned forty minutes later. Cats have got this doing nothing down.

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