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Isolation - day one

Disclaimer - I don't live alone, so I am not completely isolated. My elder daughter has returned after her university shut it doors. I have a partner, a younger daughter and two cats who live with me. I am definitely one of the lucky ones.

Last night it was announced that the UK would be on lock-down for three weeks in an attempt to combat the COVID-19 virus. This morning my work confirmed that I would not be expected to go in. We have been told to remain indoors, socialising only with people we live with, and going out for only essential items (food and meds) and exercise while maintaining social distancing. Shit just got real in the UK, and while I hate being told what to do, it does all make sense.

I feel sorry for my parents. They'd organised a party for their 50th wedding anniversary next week and not only is that cancelled the hotel are trying to keep hold of their money. Easyjet have promised me a refund, but not processed it yet, for my cancelled flights.

I have an end of module assignment and other writing projects - a short story or two and the fifth book in the Starblood series to keep my mind (and fingers) busy. I've recorded three videos of short stories (see my isolation tank page under "for fans" to watch them) and in the coming weeks I'll make and share other recordings.

I am trying to limit my use of social media as I find it a trigger for my anxiety. The kids are still asleep, but they both have lists of study materials to keep them busy when they wake. And the cats are cats, mischievous as always when they aren't asleep.

How are you coping?

Stay safe, but stay sane at the same time. My thoughts are with you and I'm only an email away. You can use the contact form to message me if you think it will help or there's a comment box (that doesn't require an account) on the isolation tank page.

Love Carmilla

Edensun - art by Anna Prashkovich.