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Isolation - day seven

I have to admit, I've been struggling the past few days. In spite of my meds I've been feeling anxious and reverted to focusing on the negative. I sneezed a few times yesterday and felt I shouldn't leave the house at all. I'm still in my pyjamas now. Not a good look, even if they are Nightmare Before Christmas print.

My parents had planned this big event (down south) for their 50th wedding anniversary, so although I couldn't really afford the cost of flights (for some insane reason domestic flights are about 75% cheaper than train fares) we made sacrifices and booked. Easyjet cancelled the flights on 14th March and offered a refund which we agreed to. We were told seven days, but on Twitter I've found that my 14 day wait for refund or even an explanation about the delay, is far from unusual. Airlines (including Easyjet) are asking the government to change the law so that refunds can be delayed until after the crisis is over. It isn't fair, of course, household expenses are high all over (we are back to a four person family group with universities and schools closed) and there's a distinct lack of basic provisions in the supermarkets (and no delivery spots for love nor money) yet incomes are down as people aren't going into work. My family is okay, but it looks to my anxious brain as though everything will get much harder for normal working people before it gets better. And this is what I keep focusing on.

My daughter is home. Seeing her is wonderful. Talking with her is amazing. Why can't I focus on the positives? Self-pity is not an attractive look.

I hope everyone reading this is keeping their heads above the proverbial water, financially and emotionally. When I manage to get my head out of my arse I'll work on doing something more productive and helpful.

Wishing I was here rather than indoors.

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