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Seasonal Greetings from Carmilla Voiez

Happy Yule

(or whatever holiday you celebrate).

2019 has been a strange and difficult year for many of us. The world feels like a story co-written by Thomas Ligotti and Aldus Huxley. Thank the goddess I have horror to sustain me. My favourite horror reads this year were “The Reddening” by Adam Nevill and “A Head Full of Ghosts” by Paul Tremblay. Two books you should check out, if you haven’t already.

This year has been busy for me.

  • I started a degree course (see my weekly blog posts for more) and sent my elder daughter off to Uni.

  • I thought we were going to lose one of our cats, but he’s back to his fighting weight.

  • I’ve been prescribed new meds, which I’ll start in the new year.

  • I wrote Ribbons (book four in the Starblood series) and it was published by Vamptasy,

  • and I finished The Venus Virus at last, I’ve been working on that novel since 2015. It’s with CHBB and has a February 2020 release date.

I plan to do my usual recap on December 31st, so for now I will leave you with my love and hope that you’ll enjoy any and all holiday activities in which you partake this year. If you fancy some seasonal sexiness to warm your loins, “The Erotic Tales of Carmilla Voiez” includes two seasonal shorts – A Christmas Carole (F/F) and Dreams of Saturnalia (M/F) and other stories.