• carmillavoiez

Seven facts about me

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Fact 1 -

I used to have black and white dreads. They took eight hours of tugging to put in and weighed as much as my arm. They looked cute though.

Not so cute at bedtime when I had to put a stocking over my head to protect them.

Fact 2 -

I love to paddle in the sea like a kid each summer even if the cold does turn my toes purple.

Fact 3 -

I love to shave parts of my hair off. It's liberating. I called this style a futuristic Betty Page.

Fact 4 -

Before I started writing books I was better known as co-founder/owner of a Gothic clothing company called Drac-in-a-Box. My ex and I had the company from 1999 to 2012. Sadly Drac-in-a-Box is no more, but we created and sold some amazing designs, catered for all shapes and sizes and tried to be innovative online and off.

Fact 5 -

Another hair one. When I'm not shaving it off I love to dye my hair. I've had it blue, turquoise, purple, pink, red and black. It almost looks like my natural brown colour at the moment but only because the black I added on top of the red didn't take completely.

Fact 6 -

I can remember telephone numbers from my childhood, but struggle to recall my own mobile number now.

6b - I can still remember what the Bakelite receiver felt like in my hand as well. When mum and dad changed all the door handles in their house to stainless steel I begged them to allow me to keep the Bakelite one on the inside of my bedroom door. It's still there and I still love the way it feels.

Fact 7 -

I love notebooks. I fill them with random thoughts, dreams, story ideas and diary entries and I cannot throw them away. They have their own drawer under a bookcase so I can riffle through them if I get writer's block.