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Starblood, video readings and images

Last night I read a murder scene from my debut novel Starblood. I've been reading the book chapter by chapter and you can find chapters 1 - 14 in the isolation tank. Here are my readings of chapter 13 - Lilith's experiences of The Garden of Eden, and chapter 14 - Lilith's murder of Paul. I've also included in this post some images from chapter 14 as adapted for the graphic novel with art by Anna Prashkovich. Enjoy!

Yes that is an anarchist flag to the left. Like Lilith my main drive in life is towards freedom.

If you feel sorry for Paul now you may not by the end of the novel.

I hope you are coping during this stressful time. If you have access to Facebook you can watch and interact with readings live from 8pm UK time, Mondays and Fridays, until the end of lockdown. You can find my page here.

If you love the art for the graphic novel books one and two are out now and if you subscribe to my newsletter you'll receive updates on book three and news of the Kickstarter drive next year where you'll have the opportunity to get hold of exclusive rewards.

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