• carmillavoiez

Isolation - day 19

We've had the odd meltdown this week, inevitable perhaps with two teenagers stuck in the same house as us. But on the plus side, I've submitted horror shorts to two publications, and I'm working on a slightly mystical, slightly scientific family drama about a missing grandmother. It was originally written for my final project for the Advanced Creative Writing module with the Open University, but they have cancelled final EMAs and Exams so I can polish it and search for a magazine who might be interested. I have also started writing the final book in the Starblood series "Pariah". So my mind has been kept busy enough.

For anyone who might be interested, I've been reading "The Venus Virus" on Facebook live this week. The first four chapters can be found in the isolation tank here.

Other than that, I've been enjoying regular coastal walks. I've been envious of photos that show wildlife taking over towns during lock down, when all we have is an invasion of seagulls, so I was excited to encounter a heron this morning. I've attached a (not great) photo, and some other pics from my walk today.

I hope you are all healthy and managing to keep busy during this difficult time.

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