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Isolation - day four

I had to go out to the supermarket and pharmacist a couple of times this week. Social distancing is a strange dance and some people seem much more relaxed about it than others. A trio of older people literally sidled up to me in the supermarket yesterday, so I quickly sidestepped. I don't think I have the virus, but with a three plus week incubation period I wasn't about to bet other people's lives on it. The woman at the checkout looked absolutely terrified.

I have finished my assignment (due Tuesday) and submitted it. Until I get the feedback from that I'll be working on a short story I hope to submit to Vastarien when they reopen in June. One of my shorts "Within" has been accepted this week by Red Cape Publishing for "D is for Demons" so I've been quietly celebrating that success.

Other than that it's been sunlamp, indoor cycling and hunting for food to feed my full again household. I am loving having my elder daughter home. I hadn't realised how much I missed her. Her smile lights up a room, and I am coping okay with the sibling rivalry for the moment. In fact most of it seems in good spirits. Of course both kids have decided they are entitled to sit around and ignore my partner and I while we cook and clean. That will need to change soon, but I'm treating the interim period as a holiday for them.

Work has confirmed that staff do not need to attend until further notice, so I have plenty of time to write and do housework. Once I stop binge-watching crime shows with the kids. They are late risers (teens) so I've been getting most of my writing done before they surface. In short, our spirits are high and boredom hasn't set in. I hope everyone reading this is safe and in good spirits. Don't forget my isolation tank (see the link under for fans) when boredom sets in. Next week I will probably record a serialised reading of my novel "The Venus Virus" if you're interested. I'll share it on my Youtube channel and on the Isolation Tank page. Stay safe. xxx

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