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April Events - Free Download and B2BCyCon and More

April promises to be a busy month in Carmilla’s world.

From 1st - 15th April you can find my novella Basement Beauty for free courtesy of Art of the Arcane. Click here to find the novel, or here to find out more about the event.

From 6th - 8th April Brain to Books are hosting a cyber convention on multiple platform around the internet. Horror authors, myself included, an having fun collaborating on a short story (which became quite surreal pretty quickly) that you can read here.

My landing page includes an interview with Anita Stewart about my Starblood Trilogy, you can find that here.

From the evening of 5th April onwards you can vote for Lilith or Satori as your favourite horror/thriller character below, if you love either of them. It's a knock out so I'll remind you if either make the next round.

Also from 5th April you can vote for The Starblood Trilogy in the cover wars competition.

You can find out about all the authors involved in the event at Goodreads and on Facebook. And you can watch a panel discussion about gender in the horror genre here, or read more of my thoughts about the subject in this blog post.

Brain to Books’ website includes a hub of all the events and can be found via this link.

Comixology will be selling Starblood the Graphic Novel in a special high definition format.

Starblood and Psychonaut the Graphic Novels Kickstarter campaign will go live and some impressive and exciting rewards can be obtained if you back it, including exclusive use of the forum attached to this website.

In addition to all of this I’m finishing a short story entitled “Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend” for submission to Vamptasy Publishing’s “Another Beautiful Nightmare” anthology. That book, including work by highly acclaimed women in horror, will be released later this year.

I am also working on my next novel “Venus Virus” a speculative fiction about a near future dystopia.

And I’ll be filing the dreaded tax returns, but that’s just boring.

Please support the projects that interest you and discover exciting new talent and amazing stories in the process. You are why I keep writing, dear reader, that and because it’s cheaper than therapy.

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